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Subprime conditions: Bad credit car buyers are getting the squeeze on car loans

Having trouble getting a car loan? Don’t worry – everyone hits a rough patch. But this time it may have less to do with that late payment and more to do with the automotive lending business. For the second consecutive quarter, lending institutions have tightened available credit – a seemingly cautious move that means car buyers with a “subprime” credit rating may be left taking the bus – or more likely paying a higher rate for their loan.

10 Top Reasons Why People Buy Specific Cars

My brother is a money guy. He knows how to squeeze value out of every single penny he earns. At work, he uses his personal car for business, for which he receives a mileage allowance. He also spends plenty of time on clogged Southern California freeways. A couple of years ago, when the time came to get a new car, he determined that a plug-in hybrid vehicle would actually pay for itself while giving him a carpool lane access sticker.

The end of NAFTA? For car buyers, that means higher prices

Trade representatives walked away from the fourth round of NAFTA negotiations Tuesday, farther away from an agreement but hopeful that an extension of talks will produce progress toward a revised deal. According to a joint statement between the trade ministers of the U.S., Canada and Mexico, negotiations will now stretch to the end of March 2018, and ministers are planning for more time between rounds so that they can “properly assess all proposals.”