Is charging a smartphone faster than an EV?

Peugeot e-208

Electric vehicles take half the time to charge than your iPhone does, according to new research by Peugeot.

In its mission to debunk common misconceptions of EVs, the French car brand investigated the charging time of an average EV (based on the top-selling models in the UK) compared to everyday alternatives you may also wait to charge.

Peugeot EV charging comparison

Of course it takes much longer to charge an electric car compared to filling up with fuel at a service station, but the research found that you can still charge up an EV quicker than you can a phone, MacBook or tablet.

For a 20-80% charge, you can rapid charge an electric car with a 150kW charger in just 31 minutes. Looking at the equivalent charge for a phone, it would take over an hour.

Considering the size difference, Peugeot claims it’s pretty impressive how quickly EVs can charge compared to other commonplace electronics.

Peugeot e-208

Peugeot created the average EV profile by using the Department for Transport’s 2020 data on the top 16 selling electric cars in the UK. For the average petrol and diesel vehicle, the DfT’s 2020 Top 10 bestselling selling cars list was used.

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