Hyundai fights buyer’s remorse with new money-back guarantee, shopper assistance program

Hyundai Motor America today announced plans to roll out a series of new shopper assistance features designed to help make the automotive retail experience less frustrating for car buyers.

Collectively named “Shopper Assurance,” it features a 3-day money back guarantee, and focuses on improving three pain points that occur during the car buying process: pricing confusion, test drive convenience, and purchasing time spent at the dealership. The program will roll out nationally in early 2018, and is available now in four markets: Miami, Orlando, Dallas, and Houston.

Hyundai fights buyer's remorse with new money-back guarantee, shopper assistance program

Hyundai feels your car-buying pain, and wants to consolidate the headache-inducing process of purchasing a new car.

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“We’ve listened to our customers, and they want convenience and simplicity when it comes to buying a car. Shopper Assurance is going to give our dealers the tools we need to exceed the expectations of today’s shopper,” said Andrew DiFeo, chairman, Hyundai National Dealer Council and dealer principal, Hyundai of St. Augustine. “With a strong lineup of new cars and CUVs, we expect that Shopper Assurance will give us a competitive advantage and help turn prospects into buyers. We are creating a modern purchasing process where transparency and convenience are paramount.”

Hyundai fights buyer's remorse with new money-back guarantee, shopper assistance program

Hyundai’s new “Shopper Assurance” program rolls out nationwide early next year, and is already available in four American markets.

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The program includes four separate initiatives:

Money Back Guarantee:Customers not satisfied with their purchase will get a 3-day buy back period to return the car for a full refund. To qualify, the vehicle must have fewer than 300 miles since the purchase or lease date, and pass a dealer inspection. It’s important to note that there is no federal “cooling-off” period for car sales, so this guarantee protects buyers in case they get a bad case of remorse.

Pricing:Participating dealers will post a price made up of the MSRP, minus incentives and discounts, on their websites. Hyundai claims that this will create a consistent pricing approach for buyers who visit dealer websites, and that it is likely to reduce the time it takes to negotiate a price.

Test Drives:Customers can schedule a test drive throughHyundai Drive, a platform that allows the appointment to be scheduled via the dealer, through a mobile app (in available markets). The Hyundai dealer will bring the test-drive vehicle to the customer’s location.

Purchase:Car buyers will be able to complete “most” of the paperwork online prior to visiting the dealership, for a vehicle in the dealer’s inventory. This includes credit applications and approvals, payment estimators and trade-in estimates.

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