Chevy Bolt Production Resumes After Long Fire Safety Recall

GM Chevy Bolt EUV

As promised back in February, GM has finally restarted production on the Chevy Bolt EV and EUV after a huge recall with several delays and production halts. This is good news for the company after dealing with problems for the better part of the last year.

The company had several plans to resume production on its popular and affordable EV but pushed those back due to several issues. However, eventually, GM promised that production would start up again during the first week of April, and right on time, it has.

According to Detroit News, on Monday, GM announced “production of the Bolt EV/EUV resumed today, as planned.” And that they’re excited to have the Bolt back on the market.

Trouble first started back in 2020, when GM issued a recall for select Bolt EV and Bolt EUV models. But by August of 2021, the company realized it had a far bigger situation and recalled every Bolt EV model released dating back to 2017. As a result, GM halted all production, announced a slew of delays, and worked with LG Chem to fix the faulty exploding batteries that resulted in at least a dozen car fires.

By October of last year, LG and GM had fixed all of their problems and kicked off a huge battery replacement recall program. Now, all systems are a go, and GM will start building new Bolt EVs and EUVs at the Orion assembly plant in Michigan.

It’s also worth noting that GM dealerships likely have several Bolt EV models on the lot, which they couldn’t sell due to a stop-sale order that was in place until production resumed this month. So, now that production is underway and the stop-sale order is expiring, those interested in an affordable EV with a brand new battery could consider a new or used Bolt EV.

Or, wait for the new Chevy Equinox EV, which looks far better than the Bolt.

via The Detroit News

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