Monster Jam: Automotive Fun for the Young at Heart

Flips, tricks, and fast-paced competitive action. That’s what you can expect from Monster Jam, the most action-packed motorsports event on four wheels.

At Monster Jam, attendees can see driver athletes and their trucks dart through the dirt and compete in intense competitions that test their speed and skill. Looking for something fun to do in Ontario with the whole family? Monster Jam makes the perfect family road trip.

What Is Monster Jam?

Monster Jam is a motorsports event that tours around the world with their unique drivers and trucks. Each truck is 10.5 feet tall, 17 feet long, and weighs 12,000 pounds. Their bodies are custom built with fibreglass and each engine can generate up to 1,500 horsepower.

Attending the event is more than just going to one of Ontario’s race tracks. Racing is not the only thing that Monster Jam drivers do. Along with racing, you can expect to see skills challenges, where racers show off their stunts; donut competitions, with drivers competing to rotate their truck as many times as possible; and freestyle competitions, where competitors perform tricks and stunts for a designated amount of time.

This action-packed event will keep the whole family entertained!

Monster Jam 2022

For those looking for something to do in Ontario this spring, Monster Jam is coming to Hamilton on April 23rd and 24th. With venues opening up again after the pandemic, now is the perfect time to jump back into the world of live events by finding a fun thing to do in Ontario for the family.

At time of writing, the event will feature eight different drivers and trucks, including Grave Digger, one of the world’s most famous monster trucks since Dennis Anderson came up with the concept in 1981.

In Hamilton, Grave Digger will be driven by Krysten Anderson, Dennis Anderson’s daughter and the current holder of the Guinness World Record for the highest ramp jump by a monster truck. Anderson will be joined by Mark Hall in Raminator, Blake Granger in Max-D, Tony Ochs in Soldier Fortune Black Ops, Zack Garner in Wild Side, and many more.

Join the Monster Jam Pit Party!

One of the most exciting parts of Monster Jam is the extra-offered Pit Party. With a Pit Party admissions ticket, fans get to see a little behind the scenes of the Monster Jam world.

During the Monster Jam Pit Party, fans can see their favourite trucks up close and take pictures with them and their drivers. Admission also means fans can get pre-signed autograph cards and can watch live pre-race interviews. If you or a member of your family has questions for a driver, the Pit Party features a Q&A drivers’ panel that opens the floor to audience questions.

Overall, the Pit Party makes lifelong memories and connections for fans, both young and old. Bringing your family to a Monster Jam Pit Party can give everyone an event they’ll never forget.

Fast-Paced Family Fun

With the Monster Jam World Finals occurring May 21st and 22nd in Orlando, Florida, there’s no better time to experience Monster Jam live and in person in Ontario before the big trucks head south.

No matter where your family’s interests lie, Monster Jam is something fun to experience this spring. Even those who claim to not be motorsports fans can enjoy the quick action and daring stunts drivers perform to thrill the crowd.

Looking for fun things to do in Ontario? Designed to provide a family experience with lasting memories, Monster Jam and the Monster Jam Pit Party are the perfect family-friendly day trip to experience some live excitement and entertainment.

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