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Though not perfect, Cadillac’s Super Cruise ‘hands free’ semi-autonomous system works as intended

Two years doesn’t seem like a long time. However, in that period since Cadillac was forced to push back the release of its Super Cruise system, the automotive market has been flooded with driver assistance features and semi-autonomous systems that have all but made the hype around it dwindle. Even […]

Video: Nissan’s ‘Canto’ EV artificial engine sound technology debuts at 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan is well aware of the lack of noise most modern EV’s produce even when whizzing by. However, in order to safely give pedestrians a “heads-up” for an approaching car, the automaker hasn’t opted for artificial engine rumble – it has chosen song. At this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan […]

Nissan’s ProPilot Assist makes driving a bit easier, but don’t confuse it for full automation

Nissan’s ProPilot Assist system is not a game-changer in the world of self-driving technology, but it has moved the ball downfield. Formally introduced to the world today alongside the redesigned Leaf EV, ProPilot is the next iteration of Nissan’s Safety Shield system. Consisting of adaptive cruise control and a lane-centering […]

First Look: Audi takes giant leap toward full automation with all-new 2018 A8, artificial intelligence system

Audi’s all-new flagship sedan, the 2018 A8, sets not only a new standard for the brand’s design language and comfort capabilities but also, possibly, the bar for technological acumen in the luxury car segment. With a new artificial intelligence system, the German automaker claims its new sedan can drive itself […]

Ford is taking autonomous vehicles seriously but it isn’t banking on you buying one

SAN FRANCISCO—Whether they’re terrified, confused or captivated, most people have an opinion about self-driving cars, typically one connected to a visceral emotion. What began as a product of science fiction is now a reality that is just a few years or decades—depending on who you’re talking to—away from public availability. […]