Where Your Bedroom Dust Comes From

Dusting is an annoying chore, but dusting your bedroom is a *super* annoying chore. I mean, how did all this dust even get there? Well, this is how.

The price of cozy

We all want our bedroom to be as cozy and comfortable as possible. We fill it with soft blankets, fluffy pillows, stuffed animals (if you’re into it), and other warm and fuzzy comforts. Unfortunately, these are all huge dust holders. The textile fibers and skin cells turn into the dust which accumulates on all those items, and if the room isn’t properly ventilated it can get even worse. You can help the situation by airing the room regularly and wash your bed linen (yes, pillows too) regularly. Also, when you vacuum the carpets, make sure your vacuum cleaner has a clean filter installed.


Mind the ventilation

If your room has a ceiling fan or an air conditioning unit, odds are it’s overworked and under-cleaned. AC filters remove particles from the air before it enters the room. This means that if your filter hasn’t been changed in a while it might be clogged with those particles and no longer doing its job. By regularly changing your filters you help both the dust situation and air quality in your room. A ceiling fan has no filter but it is a surface you don’t think about when you dust your room. It accumulates dust which gets released back into the room the second you turn it on. So grab a ladder and make it a habit to clean your ceiling fan.


How to dust efficiently

Different dusting gadgets like cotton cloth or a duster aren’t very efficient because they just move the dust around and don’t really pick it up. If you want your dust particles to not be released back into the room, you need to use a microfiber cloth.


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